What Is The Highway Guardrail Cost Per Foot?

how much does one foot highway guardrail costs?

New highway guardrail projects are in construction everyday in the world. Before starting the project in your country, you need to know how to calculate the price for the highway guardrail.

Highway guardrail price per foot or per ton?

how does highway guardrail cost per foot is an important question
highway guardrail cost analysis

If you are asked about highway guardrail pricing, you are asked with two questions: how much does highway guardrail cost per foot? OR how much does highway guardrail cost per ton?

Too generally answer this question: the highway guardrail cost per foot is around $4-$6. And for each ton of highway guardrail, the price is around $570 to $630.

If you are asking for a quotation for highway guardrail, I suggest you ask for the cost per foot/meter or per linear foot/linear meter. Compared with the cost per ton, the cost per foot is more accurate.

The reason is that, before asking for the price, the client already knows how many feet or how many kilometers of highway road their highway guardrail project covers, and they may already know the configurations (the number of posts, caps, offset blocks, etc.).

If the clients get the cost per foot, they can easily calculate the total budget for their project.

For the price per ton, people ask this question normally because they have no idea of the specific highway guardrail configuration. If this is the case, the price will be a very rough answer as the cost is determined by the specifications of each part of the project.

For example, the regular w beam guardrail cost is around $800 – $900 per ton. But the galvanized w beam guardrail has a higher price of $1000 – $1300 per ton.

Even for the cost of highway guardrail per foot, the price can be hugely different from one configuration to the other. Take the cost of w beam highway guardrail for example again, suppose the specification is as follows:

  • 3mm thickness rail plate, 114mm diameter post, 4-meter distance, power coating treatment. The price is about $6 – $6.5 per foot.
  • 4mm thickness rail plate, 140mm diameter post, 4-meter distance, power coating treatment. The price is about $7 – $7.9 per foot.

The cost of highway guardrail post

the cost of highway guardrail
highway guardrail post cost

The highway guardrail post is relatively easy to calculate its price. Normally the price is quoted in tons. For the specific price, you can leave me a comment by submitting the form at the bottom of this page.

The highway guardrail specification and cost

Knowing the specification and standard configuration of the highway guardrail will help you to better calculate your budget. The good news is that the highway guardrail is a relatively standard product and its specification is easy to learn. Below are some key take-away notes for you:

  • The w beam highway guardrail thickness has two options: 3mm and 4mm.
  • The guardrail post diameter has two options: 114mm and 140mm. The length has 4 options: 1.85m, 1.95m, 2m, and 2.15m.
  • Each kilometer of highway guardrail requires 250 rail sections, 250 posts, 2 terminals, 250 caps, and 250 offset blocks.

Guardrail installation cost

highway guardrail installation costs money
highway guardrail installation labor cost

The price of guardrail onsite installation is an important part of your budget. This cost is something you need to pay for your project. It can be huge for large highway guardrail construction project. You can’t simply ignore it when calculating the highway guardrail cost per foot.

The installation price is connected with the local labor cost in your place. It varies from country to country. In China, the installation price you pay for the workers is around $6 per footer.

The ultimate question: what is the cost of highway guardrail imported from China?

To calculate this price, you need to add together the following budget: the material cost + the installation cost + the transportation cost. There is no fixed answer to this question. To calculate the budget for your project, please leave us a message or simply send an email to sales@guardrailsupplier.com. Remember to include your project details, we can reply to you with a proposal that is designed and calculated especially for you for FREE.

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