W Beam Guardrail

w beam highway guardrail for sale product image

W beam guardrail also called two waves guardrail, is the most commonly used highway guardrail type. The steel coil is pressed into W shape steel rail, that’s why it is so-called.

On the highway guardrail product market, there are mainly two types: the galvanized w beam guardrail and the powder-coated w beam guardrail. For the power coating type, the color has multiple choices as per the client’s requirement.

galvanized w beam guardrail
galvanized w beam guardrail
powder coating w beam guardrail
powder coating w beam guardrail

Just like thrie beam guardrail, the w beam guardrail’s function is straight and simple. It acts as a road barrier to prevent the errant vehicle from running out of the road and hitting other objects off the main lane.

The highway guardrail can be installed on the roadside or road median.

Ranhua offers the straight guardrail and curved guardrail. The latter is used on the bent road.

RANHUA W Beam Guard Rail Advantages:

  1. The structure is very simple so it is very easy to install, uninstall, and repair.
  2. The galvanized surface won’t go rust so that a very long service life can be guaranteed.
  3. The w beam guardrail can be used in a wide application range.
  4. Less maintenance and zero maintenance cost to save your labor.
  5. Good anti-corrosion resistance.

W Guardrail Specifications

Surface treatmenthot-dip galvanizing
Coating thickness85um on average
MaterialSteel grade Q235
Appearancesmooth on the surface, consistent color, no crack
Ranhua w beam guardrail
the material quality of RANHUA w beam guardrail
w beam guardrail with different color options
w beam guardrail has multiple color options
Ranhua w beam guardrail in real highway project
w beam guardrail in highway project

Highway Guardrail Related FAQ

1. How does the highway guardrail connect with the post?

The guardrail and the post are connected either by an offset block or by a rack.

2. What is the distance between two posts?

The posts distance has two choices: 2m and 4m.

3. How much material do I need for 1km highway?

With the standard of 4m posts distance, for 1-kilometer highway guardrail installation, you will need 250 pieces of rail plates, 250 posts, 2 end terminals, 250 post caps, 250 offset blocks, 250 sets of connecting bolt M16 x 170/42 and 2000 sets of splice bolt M16 x 25.

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