Guardrail Posts For Sale

RANHUA guardrail posts for sale

In a highway guardrail system, the guardrail post is an indispensable part. Together with the guardrail, offset blocks, caps, and terminals, they form a rigid structure to reduce the severity of a car accident.

The main function of the guardrail post is to support the highway guardrail. In the high-speed road, steel type guardrail posts are used instead of wood posts.

The specifications of RANHUA steel guardrail posts

diameter114mm, 140mm
Wall thickness4.5mm
Installation height1.2m – 2.75m
Surface treatmentGalvanized and powder coating
highway guardrail posts specifications
galvanization is a standard station in RANHUA guardrail post factory
guardrail posts galvanization factory
guardrail posts leave factory and ready for shipment
load the guardrail posts for shipment to the client

The principle of guardrail post installation

guardrail posts installation
guardrail posts are installed

During installation, the guardrail post is simply buried and erected at the ground. But there are some principles to follow in different scenarios.

  1. When there is no curb at the roadside, the length beneath the earth should be taller than 110cm. On the contrary, when there is a curb at the roadside, the buried length should be longer than 125cm.
  2. In some special cases, a concrete basement is necessary. This happens when a) the guardrail posts are installed on the bridge, tunnel or culvert where the ground is hard to penetrate. B) there are cables or stonework beneath the earth.
  3. If the guardrail post is installed in a concrete basement, the buried length should be deeper than 40cm. For the sake of easy maintenance, a flange plate can be fitted with it.
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