Guardrail Components

guardrail parts and components featured image

For a complete guardrail system, no matter it is used for highway, drive road, ordinary road, or bridge, no matter it is w beam guardrail or thrie beam guardrail, the structure is similar.

Besides the corrugated steel beam section, the rest components that consist of the guardrail system are all known as guardrail spare parts.

guardrail system with spacer
guardrail system with spacer part
double-face guardrail structure and components
double-face guardrail structure and components
guardrail system with offset block
guardrail system with offset block

The guardrail parts include guardrail post, post cap, terminal treatment, offset block (or spacer), bolts, and nuts. As a guardrail solution provider, RANHUA offers complete sets of guardrail parts in stock.

RANHUA guardrail posts for sale

The function of the guardrail post is to support the erection of the highway guardrail system. In terms of shapes, it has square and round for your choice. The steel material grade can be selected from Q235, Q255 and Q345. In terms of coating, you can either choose zinc-coated or powerder coated.

guardrail post caps for sale

The guardrail end cap is small but essential to the highway guardrail system. It completes the installation of the guardrail posts. It can also protect the post from being contaminated from unexpected objects. Like the guardrail posts, we have hot dip galvanized or powered coated type for your choice.

Ranhua guardrail terminals for sale

The guardrail terminal is a very important part of the entire highway guardrail system. Because the terminal can be the beginning of a guardrail system. There is always a warning painting painted on the surface towards the diving vehicle. There are different types of terminals that we provide.

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