Galvanized Guardrail

RANHUA galvanized guardrail for sale

Ranhua offers you with highway galvanized guardrail in high quality. Galvanized guardrail generally has a better performance in terms of service lifetime and corrosion resistance. Highway guardrail treated with plastic dipping has a better anti-corrosion performance. For even better results, the guardrails are treated first by hot-dip galvanizing and PVC coating afterward.

Why use galvanizing for the highway guardrail?

Galvanizing is an efficient way to treat the metal material for anti-corrosion. This treatment is applied in various industries where the metal structure is required.

In theory, generally speaking, galvanizing is simply to remove the rust and dip the steel into the liquid zinc of around 500. After some time, there will be a zinc coating on the steel surface. In this way, the purpose of anti-corrosion is served.

In terms of the actual process, typically, a complete galvanizing process includes the following steps: acid pickling – water cleaning – add zinc liquid – drying – rack plating – cooling – chemical treatment – polishing.

galvanized guardrail in galvanizing process
the galvanizing process of galvanized guardrail in RANHUA highway guardrail factory

It’s been more than 140 years of history since the galvanizing treatment was first applied in industry. However, it didn’t greatly improve until cold rolled steel was largely used in the past 30 years.

As for the highway guardrail production, almost 90% above guardrail products on the market are treated with hot-dip galvanizing. This treatment brings many advantages to this product: corrosion-free, scratchproof, and longer antioxidant performance.

W Beam Galvanized Guardrail

According to the anti-collision level, the w beam galvanized guardrail installed at the roadside has A grade and S grade. While the guardrail installed at the median has Am grade and Sm grade.

galvanized guardrail w beam type on roadside
w beam galvanized guardrail installed at roadside
galvanized guardrail w beam type at median road
w beam galvanized guardrail installed at road median

The A grade and Am grade are generally used for high speedway and regular road. The S grade guard rail is generally used for the dangerous road which requires special protection. The Sm grade guardrail is used for the road median barrier where there is important objects need protection. You can visit this page for more information of w beam guardrail.

Thrie Beam Galvanized Guardrail

The thrie beam galvanized guardrail can be divided into roadside guardrail and median guardrail according to the installation position. The 3-wave galvanized guardrail is mainly installed on the slope side of the highway, road with high embarkment, steep slope, or retaining wall. Read more information about thrie beam guardrail.

Galvanized Guardrail Specification

Coating MaterialZinc
Galvanized Coating Thickness85um on average
AppearanceSmooth and even. Uniform color. No liquid drops. No lumps.
Impact ExperimentNo peeling off. No cracks.
Bending PerformanceNo cracks or peeling off.
Coating EvennessCan bear 5 times copper sulfate etching
Salt Water SprayNo corrosion
Galvanized guardrail specification table
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