Curved Guardrail

curved guardrail for highway

Curved Guardrail Introduction

In a highway, the curved guardrail can be used in two situations:

  1. The curved road is very long in its length. On this occasion, the curved road has a large angle. The straight w beam guardrail is not a good choice in terms of appearance and function.
  2. The curved road is so short that a standard beam guardrail is not possible to install. If this is the case, a short curved guardrail with a very narrow-angle can work.

RANHUA W Beam Guard Rail Advantages:

  1. The structure is very simple so it is very easy to install, uninstall and repair.
  2. ┬áThe galvanized surface won’t go rust so that very long service life can be guaranteed.
  3. The bent angle can be customized as per clients drawing.
  4. Either concave or convex design is available as per the client’s requirements.
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