Chinese leading supplier of highway guardrail

Ranhua is a manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of highway guardrail products. We sell W-beam guardrail, thrie-beam guardrail, curved guardrail and guardrail accessories.
All products are in stock and ready for shippment.

highway guardrail for sale

Highway Guardrail For Sale

Highway guardrail is a special product used for roadway safety protection. It is a necessary facility for each road, especially for the highway road. 

In the highway environment,  the highway guardrail can effectively protect the high-speed driving errant vehicle from hitting other objects along the roadside such as trees, bridge piers, high embankments, walls and any other utilities.

The guardrail on the highway can absorb most of the striking energy and guard the vehicle along with the railing direction and eventually slow its speed down to zero.

With the guardrail, the vehicle damage and the injury of the driver and the passengers can be reduced to the lowest level.

The guardrail can be erected in literally any road situation, no matter it’s straight road or curved road. 

Since highway guardrail is so important, you can find it anywhere in the world. Ranhua offers complete highway guardrail facilities. We’ve exported our guardrail product to several countries.

Highway Guardrail Products

W Beam Guardrail

W-beam guardrail is the most commonly used guardrail type in the highway. The galvanized product ensures a very long service life. This guard rail features in strong strength and great anti-corrosion performance.


Thrie Beam Guardrail

With better impact absorbing performance, the thrie beam guardrail can be used for highway with multiple lanes as median barrier or side barrier. It can also be used in parking lot, bridge ways.Fully customizable and easy to repair.

curved guardrail for highway

Curved Guardrail

The curved guardrail is used at the slope of the road. Together with w beam or thrie beam guardrail, this curved guardrail can prevent the vehicle from careening off the main road and hit the people, animal or objects.

guardrail components

Guardrail Components

Ranhua supplier complete set of highway guardrail, including the necessary componnets, such as steel guardrail post, guardrail end cap and terminal.When you repair or replace guardrail system, our supplies make your life easier.

RANHUA galvanized guardrail for sale

Galvanized Guardrail

Galvanized guardrail is the most used highway guardrail product. RANHUA offers both w beam type and thrie beam type. Choose galvanized guardrail to enjoy a longer service lifetime.


Chinese Leading Highway Guardrail Supplier

Guanxian Ranhua Transportation Facilities Co., Ltd (Ranhua) is a professional manufacturer of highway guardrail and related products. The company sells its products in and out of China. From more than 20 years, Ranhua keeps production quality the first place. It wins the market and enjoys international reputation with good quality, fast delivery and full-hearted after sale service. More about RANHUA.

highway guardrail supplier factory

Why Choose RANHUA Highway Guardrail For Your Project

Factory Direct Sale

Ranhua manufacturer the complete set of highway guardrails, including the rail plate and guardrail components. We have our own factory. You get the lowest price on the market buying from us.

Chinese Authority Endorsement

Our domestic clients are mainly the national highway facility construction organization. Ranhua is also the leading brand in the China highway guardrail industry. Our product quality is trusted nationwide and worldwide.

Superior Customer Service

As a Chinese leading highway guardrail supplier, RANHUA has a professional sales team and an after-sales team. Your questions are answered within one day. And the spare parts are always in stock.

RANHUA Guardrail Applications

Although highway guardrail is our main product, RANHUA’s guardrail can also be used in various applications and environments.
Below are the typical scenarios where our highway guardrail are used for the clients.
guardrail used for sea port
Sea Port
guardrail used for railway
guardrail used for national road
National Road
guardrail used for highway
guardrail for dangerous way
Dangerous Road
guardrail used for country road
Country Road
guardrail used for city road
City Road
guardrail used for bridge

Highway Guardrail Product Gallery

As a highway guardrail product manufacturer and expert, RANHUA not only provide quality product to the clients, but also share informative articles with highway guardrail know-how to the audience. Enjoy your reading!

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